P.Louise Eye Base

P.Louise Eye Base

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The P.Louise Base is a revolutionary formula designed to help simplify blending by enhancing product build-up and intensifying shadows to make them pop! The bases make even your least performing eye-shadow palettes work! The P.Louise Base is also a multi-use product saving you babes on spending! It can be used to: – Cut the crease – Prime the lid – Carve the brow – Brighten up your under-eye – In the waterline – As lip and body art – As Cream Contour Join the P.Louise hype!


  • Rumour 0/ Pure white
  • Rumour0.5/ Fair cool with pink undertones
  • Rumour1/ Fair neutral with peach undertones
  • Rumour2/ Neutral beige with peach undertones
  • Rumour3/ /Tan with peach undertones
  • Rumour4/ Tan with golden undertones
  • Rumour5/ Warm tan with neutral golden undertones
  • Rumour6/ Deep with golden undertones
  • Rumour7/ Deep with brick undertones

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